Queen Elizabeth II: Why did the monarch have to go to the clinic?

Queen Elizabeth II
Why did the monarch have to go to the clinic?

The Queen performing in Windsor.

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The Queen spent one night in the hospital. She is now back at Windsor Castle. That is known about the situation …

Queen Elizabeth II, 95, spent Wednesday night in the hospital. The reason: “medical preliminary examinations”, as it was called according to media reports in a statement from the palace. The 95-year-old is now back at Windsor Castle. This is known so far:

The palace announced that the Queen had returned from the private hospital in downtown London on Thursday afternoon. She is in “good shape”. In the afternoon she performed minor duties again. The stay had practical reasons.

At the Royals’ private clinic

The monarch canceled a visit to Northern Ireland on Wednesday. Doctors advised her to rest for a few days after numerous public appointments recently. The Queen had “reluctantly accepted the medical advice to cut back on the coming days,” said the statement. The British Queen is said to have been disappointed not to be able to visit Northern Ireland. Even before the planned trip, she had according to “BBC News” already attended 16 appointments in October alone.

On Wednesday afternoon, according to the report, the Queen was then taken by car to King Edward VII’s Hospital in the London borough of Marylebone for the preliminary examinations. In the hospital – a private clinic used by high-ranking royals – she was examined by specialists. The overnight stay there is said to have taken place “for practical reasons”. Details were not disclosed, only that the hospital stay was not related to the corona virus, was made clear by the royal family.

“Difficult balancing act”

Although she looked “very good and happy” at the numerous events in recent weeks, one should not forget that she is 95 years old, writes BBC Royal expert Sarah Campbell: It is a difficult balancing act for the palace, “enough details publish on the Queen’s health to keep the public informed while maintaining the privacy to which she is entitled “.

Apparently it was not to be known that Elizabeth II had been taken to the hospital for the tests. A report by the newspaper “The Sun” forced the palace to make a statement, the expert said. According to British media reports, it was the first time since 2013 that Elizabeth II was in hospital. At that time she is said to have suffered from gastrointestinal problems.

The Queen herself had recently made it clear how she feels when she rejected the “Oldie of the Year” award. Your private secretary told “The Oldie” magazinewho wanted to give her the award: “Her Majesty believes that you are as old as you feel. Therefore, the Queen does not believe that she meets the relevant criteria to [den Preis] and hopes that a more suitable candidate will be found. “

Martini ban and walking stick

The magazine “Vanity Fair” had previously reported, however, citing two friends close to the family, that the 95-year-old is said to have been imposed a strict Martini ban by the doctors. Allegedly, the queen is said to have had an evening drink every evening before going to bed. Usually she treats herself to a martini. This should be over now…

The Royal fans also observed with concern that the monarch had been photographed with a walking stick in a few appearances. The walking aid is said to have only served as a relief, it was said afterwards.


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