Queen Elizabeth is planning "special surprise" for Kate's 10th anniversary

Queen Elizabeth
Surprise on Duchess Catherine's 10th anniversary as Royal

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In April, Duchess Catherine celebrates her tenth anniversary as a royal. In order to show her appreciation for her services to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth is to plan a "special surprise".

By marrying Prince William, 38, ten years ago, Duchess Catherine, 39, took office as Senior Royal of the British Royal Family. In April, the couple not only celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, for Kate it also means her anniversary as part of the royal family. And she has lived up to her role in the past few years, committed herself to numerous charitable causes and developed into one of the most popular figures of the monarchy.

"Kate and the Queen have a fantastic relationship"

On this special occasion, Queen Elizabeth, 94, should also want to show her gratitude. After all, she has always had a good and intimate relationship with her grandson's wife. "It is very likely that she is secretly planning a special surprise to honor Kate as her ten-year-old in the Royal Family," author and expert Duncan Larcombe told OK! "Kate and the Queen have a fantastic relationship." The 39-year-old manages to maintain a balance between humility in front of the Queen as head of the royal family in public, but also to offer her the opportunity to report to her as the great-grandmother of her children.

Direct contact with Queen Elizabeth

According to Larcombe, the two women are in direct contact without communicating through their employees and servants. Especially during the corona pandemic, Duchess Catherine should contact Queen Elizabeth regularly to inquire about her condition, to talk about work and to tell her about the great-grandchildren Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2 To keep up to date.

Special honor for the eighth anniversary

For her eighth anniversary, the 94-year-old had given the Duchess a very valuable gift. She presented her with the "Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order", a Cross of Merit of the Royal Victoria Order and the greatest token of her approval. How she intends to surpass this honor on the tenth anniversary remains to be seen.

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