Queen Elizabeth: resignation? The government is calling!

Queen Elizabeth is facing a special anniversary: ​​On February 6, 2022 she will be Queen for 70 years. Never before has a British monarch sat on the throne for so long. The government is now revealing details of the historic celebration in London – and at the same time ends speculation about Her Majesty's resignation.

Rumors persist that Queen Elizabeth, 94, will hand over the reins of office to Prince Charles, 71, on her 95th birthday in April 2021. A message from Culture Minister Oliver Dowden, 42, on Thursday makes it clear: No way! For four whole days, from June 2nd to 5th, 2022, there will be cheering, dancing and celebrating in honor of the 70-year reign of the Queen. The state even gives its citizens an additional public holiday (June 3). Dowden: "Her Majesty's platinum anniversary is going to be a truly historic event."

Queen Elizabeth: mega party for the 70th anniversary of the throne

The government website continues: "The four-day celebrations offer an extensive program of events, combining the best of British ceremonial splendor and pomp with cutting-edge artistic and technological performances (…) Spectacular moments in London and other major cities are enhanced by events in communities across the UK and the Commonwealth that allow people to celebrate and say thanks together nationally and locally. "

The program is organized by the Palast together with the Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Further details will be made public in the coming months.

Royal fans are over the moon

The wonderful news also reaches fans of the Queen on the royal family's Instagram account. The joy is great. "What an achievement. I am also looking forward to the long holiday weekend," writes one woman. Other users say: "It's crazy how long the Queen has been ruling. I love her!" and "Long live the queen!" Other enthusiastic comments were: "I'll make a note of the date on the calendar!", "The best queen of all time" and "She is the best! I admire her!"

Source used: www.gov.uk, Instagram

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