Queen Elizabeth: secret revealed! Your 6 tricks for a long life

The Queen probably does not need an elixir for eternal life. She has much better tips and tricks, all of which we can cut off.

The Queen will celebrate her 100th birthday in seven years. Despite her age, she is not deterred from taking on many royal duties and tasks herself. And there is no pretending to be tired. But how does she stay so fit over the years? We have the answers:

6 reasons for the Queen's long life

  1. Gene: Who would have thought. Regardless of whether it looks, the characteristics or our development in general – the genes always have their fingers in the picture. The Queen can be lucky that she got it extremely well. Her mother was 101 years old. Even if the Queen is "only" 93 years old, many are convinced that – as far as aging is concerned – she comes entirely after her mother.
  2. Lifestyle: Have you ever seen the queen with a cigarette? An unimaginable picture. The Queen thankfully rejects smoking and high alcohol consumption. By the way: The Queen was once offered a joint – and her reaction was brilliant.
  3. Workerholic: No pension! The Queen never stopped working. State visits, social engagement and various ceremonies are always on your agenda. Scientists are convinced that this lifestyle keeps the brain young and fit.
  4. Healthy eating: If we were provided with a chef, our orders would probably consist of steak with fries and a wide variety of dessert variations. But not with Queen Elizabeth, because she enjoys healthy, simple cuisine. For breakfast, she usually eats cornflakes with dried fruits and nuts, as one of her cooks revealed in an interview. And lunch and dinner are also rather easy: fish and chicken with vegetables are usually on the Queen's menu. Apparently she also tries to avoid pasta and potatoes in the late evening. Very exemplary.
  5. A lot of movement: Here we go! In order to remain physically active, the Queen goes for a long walk every day.
  6. Tea: As befits British society, the Queen relies on tea. So she starts the day with a cup of green tea every morning. The strain is known to have tons of antioxidants that help prevent disease.

The bottom line: healthy eating, exercise and genes are the royal factors that lead to a long life.

Sources used: demotix.com

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