Queen Elizabeth: This photo is heartbreaking

Queen Elizabeth
Here she mourns her beloved Philip

The Queen follows the procession in her Bentley.

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Queen Elizabeth has to say goodbye to her beloved husband Prince Philip after more than 73 years. In St. George’s Chapel she mourns with family members, but: none of them should come too close to her. Why this difficult situation will not break the monarch either.

What Queen Elizabeth, 94, has to experience on April 17, 2021, is very touching: She has to say goodbye forever to the love of her life, the father of her four children and her most important companion and supporter in her service as Queen of the United Kingdom . An era is coming to an end for the country and the monarchy – for the Queen a part of herself. As a 13-year-old she is said to fall in love with the then cadet Philip Mountbatten during a visit with her parents at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and never again have looked at a man. It was really, really great love.

Queen Elizabeth mourns Prince Philip

The Queen’s difficult walk began not on foot, but by car. At 3:43 p.m., the 94-year-old was driven in a State Bentley, accompanied by one of her court ladies, from the courtyard of Windsor Castle to St. George’s Chapel. In front of her: the funeral procession – including Prince Charles, 72, Prince William, 38, and Prince Harry, 36 – and the coffin with Prince Philip. She covered her face with mouth and nose protection. But the sight that TV cameras capture as the car drives past them is still close. There she, the 94-year-old monarch, sits with seemingly watery eyes and looks forward to the saddest service of her life.

When she arrives at St. George’s Chapel at 3:52 PM and gets out of the Bentley, she looks small and fragile. One photo is particularly dear to the heart of the British: Before the rest of the royals arrive, the grieving widow sits all alone on the pew.

Queen Elizabeth sits alone in St George's Chapel.

The Queen has taken a seat in the chapel. More family members will soon join their row of seats – albeit a long way apart.

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The Queen has to sit alone in the chapel

Particularly tough: During the 40-minute service, Queen Elizabeth has to sit without direct neighbors – a corona protective measure. Only people from the same household are allowed to sit close together. Mouth and nose protection and a distance of two meters between the individual parties are also necessary. After all: the fabric cover gives the queen some privacy. His mother was “incredibly stoic,” Prince Andrew, 61, told reporters less than a week ago. British media also report that the Queen has spent some time alone since Philip’s death. She has also completed two appointments since April 9th. It seems that the 94-year-old is not giving up.

Do you see a tear here?

When the Queen leaves after the service, it can be seen that her hand moves to the eye. Has she brushed away a tear? One does not know. One thing is certain: your family is there to look after you and to look after you as a widow in the new era. Queen Elizabeth, it is said from England, will never really be alone even without Prince Philip.

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