Queen Elizabeth: Who will she entrust Harry and Meghan's duties to?


Queen Elizabeth
Successors for Harry and Meghan have been determined "for a long time"

Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth withdrew their patronage from Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry on February 19. Now other members of the royal family are to take on the new responsibilities. However, not everyone is satisfied with that.

As the British newspaper "Mirror" reports, Queen Elizabeth, 94, is said to have already decided which members of the "company" will be the patrons of Duchess Meghan, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, from now on. In the running are: Princess Anne, 70, Prince Edward, 56, his wife, Countess Sophie von Wessex, 56 and Prince William, 38. The Queen is said to have decided that "a long time ago", reveals a palace insider. Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on this.

Queen Elizabeth decides: who will take over Harry's duties?

According to the report, Princess Anne is being traded as the successor to Prince Harry as Captain General of the Royal Marines. Harry's position as honorary air commander of the RAF Honington will likely go to Prince William. Harry's role as Commodore-in-Chief of the organization "Small Ships and Diving" also has to be filled again, this also applies to his patronage over the "England Rugby Union" and the "Rugby Football League". The league bosses should secretly hope that Prince William will take over.

According to the British media, Prince Harry will keep the patronage of the organizations "Wellchild" and "The Invictus Foundation" for the benefit of soldiers and veterans. "Invictus" was founded by Prince Harry, "Wellchild" he is privately connected.

Duchess Meghan: It is difficult for her successor

Prince Edward or his wife Sophie could replace Duchess Meghan as patron of the "National Theater". But there is one problem: The National Theater publicly thanked Meghan last week for working with communities and young people. As the "Mirror" wants to know, however, the board is "deeply divided" over Meghan's exit and is even considering asking the Duchess to continue to play an unofficial role for the theater.

Countess Sophie von Wessex is also traded as the successor to Meghan's position as patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Duchess Meghan will continue her commitment to the animal welfare organization "Mayhew" and the women's charity "Smart Works", as she has taken over them "privately".

It is still unknown who Harry and Meghan will take over as President and Vice President of "The Queen's Commonwealth Trust".

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