Queen Elizabeth: Your tea trick sounds weird – but it's awesome!

Feel like Queen Elizabeth II for once? No problem: With this trick you can at least drink your tea the way only the queen usually does!

Queen Elizabeth II appreciates a good cup of tea. After all, the 94-year-old is said to have started with an enjoyable sip every morning throughout her life. Traditions are very important in the British royal family – so it is hardly surprising that a special tea ceremony is part of it.

In fact, the royal family has been supplied by the same tea maker since 1937. At that time it was still chosen by Queen Victoria – and Queen Elizabeth II is said to get her tea from "English firm Twinings" to this day! And it is precisely this supplier who has now revealed how everyone can enjoy their tea at home à la Queen Elizabeth II.

Put the tea bag in, put water on it, done? Making your favorite British drink isn't that easy after all. In fact, the art of tea consists primarily of the right temperature, revealed Stephen Twinings to "Town & Country Magazine".

The perfect tea trick – from the expert Queen Elizabeth II trusts

The tea trick has several aspects. All of them make the perfect cup of black tea, Twinings assured.

  • First of all, the cup must be preheated with hot water.
  • Meanwhile, cold, clear water should be brought to the boil and immediately poured over the tea. The tea now draws for exactly four minutes (ideally in a pot, not directly in the mug).
  • Now follows another trick: Now the milk is already poured into the cup. This may seem strange to many, but that's the secret!
  • Only at the end is the finished tea added to the milk. Finished!

Twinings also gives two special tips: "Color comes quickly, taste takes longer to develop." So you shouldn't underestimate the brewing time and be patient.

When it comes to milk, too, Twinings advises adhering to the unusual sequence of pouring the cold liquid first: "This is how the milk cools the tea instead of the tea heating the milk."

Incidentally, the supplier did not want to reveal which variety Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed. But that's ultimately a matter of taste – with this tea ritual we can at least feel a little royal!

By the way, the Queen has another favorite drink – and it's far more alcoholic. We have the recipe for you.

Queen Elizabeth II – dates and facts

  • The Queen is the longest-ruling head of state in the world

  • Her birth name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor

  • She was born in Mayfair on April 21, 1926