Queen Mary + Frederik stand out: clear behavior during the state visit

Queen Mary + King Frederik
What crisis rumors? Loving gesture revealed during state visit

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In mid-April 2024, there was a frosty atmosphere between Queen Mary, 52, and King Frederik, 55. This was indicated by private photos from her skiing holiday in Verbier, Switzerland, which were available to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. She turned away from him with a scowl, he frowned and looked grim. Even if it was only a brief snapshot, such images now immediately cause rumors of a crisis. The reason? Frederik’s alleged affair with Genoveva Casanova, which has been seriously damaging the couple’s clean image since the beginning of November 2023.

Mary and her husband have used the past few weeks for public displays of affection – including during the state visit to Sweden.

Queen Mary and King Frederik have used the last few weeks for public gestures of love

As the relatively new royal couple of Denmark – the proclamation was carried out on January 14th – Mary and Frederik have to symbolize a stable unity all the more. Rumors of a crisis are more than inconvenient. And so it seems that Queen Margrethe’s son, 84, and his wife have done a lot of work in the past few weeks to counteract any negative headlines.

King Frederik and Queen Mary appear arm in arm in front of the Danish people on May 2, 2024.

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The couple exchanged loving looks not only in the pictures for Margarethe’s 84th birthday. Queen Mary and King Frederik also used several official dates on May 2nd to exchange small moments of intimacy. Be it her hand on his back or a walk arm and arm: the Danish people should see how unshakable the royal couple’s love is.

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Mary and Frederik also underlined their bond during the historic two-day state visit to Stockholm – one of their most important foreign trips as a royal couple. Because the monarch and his wife know here too: all eyes are on them.

Secretly flirting during a state visit to Sweden?

After a warm welcome from King Carl Gustaf, 78, and Queen Silvia, 80, as well as a joint press conference in the royal palace in Stockholm, there is a touching moment between Mary and Frederik.

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While her husband is still standing at the lectern, she reaches for his arm and touches it gently. Mary signals to her husband: Take my hand and let’s walk together out of the so-called Lovisa-Ulrika dining room.

The royal couple then leaves the hall in the royal palace in Stockholm hand in hand.

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And that’s how it happens: Frederik smiles at Mary, grabs her hand and the couple leaves the castle’s former dining room together. Although the flirtation happens secretly, the two of them are aware that they are surrounded by numerous cameras at this moment and that every gesture and non-verbal action is being watched closely – including this one, of course.

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