Queen Mary impresses with her new hairstyle: she now wears Babylights

Queen Mary
She ushers in the summer season with fresh strands

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Queen Mary has had the same hairstyle for years. She now seems to have made a small update to her hair color for the summer and is presenting her new strands of hair when attending the “Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024” – and is therefore on trend.

As a member of the royal family, you are limited in your decisions regarding your appearance. You have to follow a certain fashion protocol and extravagant beauty transformations are out of the question. Nevertheless, royals like Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, or Queen Mary, 52, shares her tricks for adding variety to her look. When she visited the “Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024”, Mary presented herself with new babylights, the perfect hair color trend for summer.

Queen Mary shows off new strands in her hair

Queen Mary is known for her medium-length, dark brown hair. To ensure that they always shine beautifully, more than just good care is necessary. She has been using natural caramel-colored strands for a long time, which give her hair more depth. Shortly before the official start of summer she had them refreshed again. What’s special is that she uses a very natural coloring method, Babylights, for her new hair color.

Before visiting the "Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024" Queen Mary went to the hairdresser again.  Your Babylights will shine in new splendor.  Perfect for summer.

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Babylights: The most natural hair trend of 2024

What makes the highlighted trend so special? What do you mean by babylights? Babylights are very soft strands in the hair that look very natural and do not lighten the hair much, but rather conjure up light reflections in the hair. They are not set according to any pattern and do not start right at the hairline, but slightly offset downwards. This makes them much easier to care for because they don’t have to be constantly recolored.

There are different approaches to the coloring technique. The painting technique can be used here, in which hairdressers draw strands in the hair freehand with a brush. This variant is also often used for ombré hairstyles. But the classic foil technique can also be used for the babylights. This method is particularly suitable if you want a very even look. Here, very thin strands are separated individually, bleach is applied slightly below the hairline and then wrapped in aluminum foil to allow it to take effect. Queen Mary in particular seems to have used the second technique, as her hair has soft blonde strands at regular intervals, all of the same width and color.

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