Queen Mary, Victoria, Sofia + Co: Royal splendor at the state banquet in Sweden

At the state banquet in Sweden, in honor of the Danish royal couple, Queen Mary and Queen Silvia shine in their magnificent robes. As guest of honor, Queen Mary wears a gold silk skirt, which she combines with a top made of ruby ​​red decorations. Matching the ruby ​​red, the Ruby Parure Tiara decorates the head of the Danish queen and gives her a majestic appearance. Queen Silvia, on the other hand, shines in an emerald green lace dress from “Georg et Arend”, which she elegantly combines with blue sapphires in her Leuchtenberg sapphire tiara and necklace. Both queens embody not only elegance but also the precious connections between their nations, underlining the splendor of this special occasion.

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