Quest Games Optimizer: 80 games already optimized!

Since the release of version v2.0.0 of Quest Games Optimizer, a fortnight has passed and many followers have seized the tool, for our greatest pleasure, a sign that it pleases and is helpful. At the same time, we continue to define optimized profiles for many games and we have just passed the 80 mark !

As a reminder, the tool allows on Meta Quest 1 and 2 to modify texture resolution (therefore the sharpness of the game), the level of performance of CPU and GPU, as well as fixed foveal rendering (see our glossary VR) of our favorite 3D games and applications with profiles automatically applied when they are launched. These allow you to make your games more graphically beautiful, without compromising on fluidity. These profiles can be defined by hand, but we also make them available. We offer 80 of them. Quest Games Optimizer keeps all settings in memory. Thereby, when the headset restarts, the profiles are still present and ready to apply !

To learn how to install and use the Quest Games Optimizer, but also to discover all its possibilities, we will redirect you to the dedicated tutorial.

qgo example 2qgo example 1

The comparison above shows a glaring difference in sharpness, with the comparison without profile, then with profile.

Below is a list of the 80 games that we have optimized.

  1. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed
  2. Angry Birds: Isle Of Pigs
  3. Audio Trip
  4. After The Fall (read the test)
  5. All-In-One Sports VR
  6. ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos
  7. Anne Frank
  8. Baba Yaga
  9. Bait!
  10. Beat saber
  11. Blaston
  12. Bogo
  13. Cards & Tankards
  14. Carly And The Reaperman
  15. Clash Of Chefs
  16. Color Space
  17. Cook-Out
  18. Crisis VRigade 2
  19. Cubism
  20. Dance Central
  21. Deism
  22. Demeo (read the test)
  23. Disc Ninja (read the test)
  24. Down The Rabbit Hole
  25. Drop Dead Dual Strike
  26. Elixir
  27. First Contact
  28. First step
  29. Fruit Ninja
  30. Gloomy Eyes
  31. Gorilla tag
  32. Gorn
  33. Home After War
  34. Hyper Dash
  35. I Expect You To Die
  36. I Expect You To Die 2
  37. Job Simulator
  38. Journey Of The Gods
  39. Learn Languages ​​VR By Mondly
  40. Loco Dojo Unleashed
  41. Mission: ISS
  42. Moss
  43. Ocean rift
  44. Onward
  45. Painting VR
  46. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul
  47. Physics Playground
  48. Poker Star VR
  49. Population: One
  50. Puzzling Places
  51. Racket fury
  52. Real VR Fishing
  53. Republic VR
  54. Robo recall
  55. Sam and Max: This Time It’s Virtual!
  56. Shadow point
  57. Smash drums
  58. Solaris
  59. Space Folk City
  60. Sports Scramble
  61. Squingle
  62. Stride (read the test)
  63. Super Hot VR
  64. Swarm
  65. Sweet surrender
  66. Synthriders
  67. Ragnarock (read the test)
  68. Richie’s Plank Experience
  69. Tetris Effect
  70. The Curious Tale Of Stolen Pets
  71. The Room VR
  72. The Thrill Of The Fight
  73. The Under Presents
  74. Touring Karts
  75. Tribe XR | DJ in VR
  76. Vacation Simulator
  77. Mini Golf Walkabout
  78. Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife
  79. Yupitergrad
  80. Zooma

Do not hesitate to give us feedback concerning new profiles or if you see that some are problematic by contacting us on the networks or directly on the site.

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