QuestHaven: The Kickstarter is now fully funded!

We had it announced last week (see article)after being launched via Kickstarter on March 22, QuestHaven succeeded in its initial funding goal of €44,787. At the time of this writing, funding was increased to €54,190 via 876 contributors. He stays one more month before the Kickstarter don’t close his doors !

Aware of this enthusiasm, the studio has set itself the goal of expanding the functionality of the game at every levelwhich we let you discover below:

  • €89,770 – Fantasy Expansion : many will be the models, many will be the universes that you will be able to create;
  • €134,700 – Status indicators : visual elements to know the status of your characters, foods, power-ups and others;
  • €179,600 – Set Sound Effects : play sounds by pressing a button, such as thunder, an arrow lost in the middle of the forest, a stone door closing behind you…
  • €224,500 – The high seas : Admirals and Pirates are coming to Quest Haven! Battle in the tropics or the high seas;
  • €269,310 – Map sharing : Share your map or choose one directly in QuestHaven;
  • €314,230 – Parties with friends : easily build your team (GM/players) and go on an adventure;
  • €359,120 – Cyber ​​& Punk : future dystopias await you, can they replace magic?

Do you want to support the project? Know that it is not too late! Follow this link and we may have the opportunity to experience battles together!

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can treat yourself to a Oculus Quest 2 at the house of Bakerthe Fnac, Darty Where Amazon for €349.99.

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