Question not answered: Union faction sues traffic light government

Inquiry not answered
Union faction sues traffic light government

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Sometimes legislative proposals have to be passed at high speed; this happens more often with traffic lights. The Union faction therefore wanted to know exactly how the Ministry of the Interior went about developing drafts – but received no answer. The dispute should now be settled in Karlsruhe.

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group is suing the federal government before the Federal Constitutional Court in a debate about a parliamentary question on legislation in organ dispute proceedings. The group confirmed a corresponding report in the “Bild” newspaper. This is about the Federal Ministry of the Interior’s failure to respond to a parliamentary question from the Union faction by Nancy Faeser from the SPD.

In the request, the traffic light federal government wanted to know how it goes about developing draft laws – for example, how much time is given to states, municipalities and those affected to examine the effects of the laws, said Hendrik Hoppenstedt, parliamentary managing director of the Union parliamentary group . However, the federal government refused to answer.

“The suspicion arises that the traffic light does not want to publicly admit under any circumstances that it is constantly violating the rules of good legislation,” criticized Hoppenstedt. There is no longer any time left to hear those affected and to carefully develop the draft laws. “The Heating Act is the best example of how completely outlandish and unpractical regulations come out of it.”

The “Bild” newspaper quotes from a letter from the Interior Ministry to the Union parliamentary group, according to which it was not possible to answer the request “with reasonable effort, even in view of the extension of the deadline granted, without jeopardizing the timely completion of the specialist tasks in the work units involved.”

If the federal government claims that compiling the requested information would be too time-consuming, then that is in no way credible, emphasized Ansgar Heveling, general counsel for the Union faction. “We have criticized the federal government’s response several times, unfortunately to no avail,” he said. “That’s why we now had to call the Federal Constitutional Court to get information on our questions.”

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