Quiet Luxury: This is behind the quiet fashion trend

Less is more
Quiet Luxury: This is behind the fashion trend

Luxury does not always have to be flashy. “Quite Luxury” conquers the fashion world.

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The time when luxury meant big logos and extravagance is over – at least for the time being. “Quiet Luxury” is the name of the trend that is taking over the industry from the quiet back room and celebrating minimalism and calm in fashion.

Diamonds, crocodile leather, gold – as soon as the term luxury is mentioned, images of logo plaques and expensive resources automatically form in most people’s minds. Anything that glitters, shines and is hard to come by automatically counted as the epitome of pure luxury for decades. But just as tastes change, so can the perception of quality. And designer pieces with integrated advertising banners and gold trim are currently falling behind in this movement. Luxury doesn’t have to be loud at all – that’s the motto. Timeless classics made from high-quality materials characterize the upcoming star of the fashion industry: Quite Luxury.

Quiet Luxury: The background of the trend

Quiet luxury says goodbye to logomania, flashy colors and extravagant details. Instead, the trend focuses on high-quality fabrics, timeless cuts and classic colors. The focus is on design and tailoring. The concept behind “Quiet Luxury” is simple: Anything that is of such high quality and universally wearable that it has a place in the wardrobe for many years or even forever can boast of being a luxury item. Incidentally, “Quiet Luxury” is not just about a particularly large number of zeros on the bill. Rather, the trend defines a style aesthetic characterized by classic and chic pieces and a luxurious finish.

The core elements of quiet luxury

The new luxury trend is particularly evident in the change in accessories and the way they are used. Where a prominent Gucci logo belt used to add a touch of glamor to the outfit, the quiet luxury movement has opted for more understated pieces made from the finest leather with a small buckle, such as the Bottega Veneta triangle belt. The classic Omega Constellation Watch with diamonds is exchanged for a simple “Cartier Tank” with a leather strap. Oversized coats, cashmere basics and cigarette pants with sophisticated, sophisticated seams are also part of the fashion trend.

These brands shape the movement

From high street to high end: More and more well-known brands can be assigned to quiet luxury. While labels like Massimo Dutti, Cos and Arket serve the trend in the slightly cheaper spectrum and fill their online shops with silk, cashmere and leather pieces in cream, gray and black, designer brands like Khaite, The Row, Victoria Beckham and Totême are considered pioneers in the high-price range.

Three pieces that belong in every Quite Luxury wardrobe

1. Knit sweater

Heavyweight knits are not only incredibly cozy, they’re also a must-have when it comes to Quiet Luxury. Whether it’s a sweater, cardigan, or skirt, the material should feel heavy (but soft!) and luxurious. Trends play no role in the fashion trend – so avoid patterns and bright colors and rather rely on classic turtleneck sweaters and coarse wool sweaters.

2. Wool coat

Sharp lapels, thick wool and a flattering, slightly cropped silhouette – that makes the perfect coat, a staple in the quiet luxury wardrobe. In particular, coats by Max Mara and Totême in soft camel or anthracite are prime examples of the type of jacket that is popular in the new luxury sector.

It’s actually obvious, but handbags don’t need a logo for real quality – you can see them. For this reason, the “Quiet Luxury” trend avoids accessories with thick brand buckles or in trendy shapes and characterizes discreet box bags or shoulder bags in an ergonomic shape.

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