Quinté results of 03/22/2023 at Lisieux

Victory for number 14, Gitano. The horse ridden by jockey Théo Duvaldestin won the quinté race on Wednesday March 22, 2023 in Lisieux, on a sand track with a rope on the right. In a race of 2,725 meters in length, the Frenchman won at the expense, respectively, of numbers 13, Express de l’Iton, 2, Fée du Vernay, 12, Goutte du Houlbet and 1, Furioso Beach. In order, we have 14, 13, 2, 12 and 1.

Five disqualifications and one non-runner

Then come the 9th, Crack Atout, the 10th, Heliot De Cahot, the 15th, Faredgio Menuet, the 5th, Gaz d’Occagnes and the 3rd, Dahlia du Pont who complete the top 10, in a race with 16 starters. The 4, Fayette, finished a long time later in last place. Finally, five horses were disqualified in the fifth of the day: 6 Diwi d’Occagne, 7 Fanal du Garden, 8 Escort Boy, 11 Hastronaute and 16 Quello.

Discover the top 10 of the quinté at Compiègne:

1st Gitano (14)
2nd Iton Express (13)
3rd Fairy of Vernay (2)
4th Drop of Houlbet (12)
5th Furioso Beach (1)
6th Crack Trump (9)
7th Heliot De Cahot (10)
8th Faredgio Minuet (15)
9th Gas d’Occagnes (5)
10th Dahlia du Pont (3)

The next Quinté meeting will take place this Thursday, March 23, at Saint-Cloud in the Hauts-de-Seine.

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