Quite airborne – Urbansphere: Audi’s 5.5 m spaceship for the city

City cars are small and manoeuvrable? Not at Audi. As the third model in their concept car series with “-sphere” in the name, the Ingolstadt-based company has put the Urbansphere on wheels. This ship, which is more than five and a half meters long, should fit perfectly into the inner-city traffic of the future. Fortunately, the space shuttle can park (and even drive) on its own.

But it’s not about the car itself anyway, according to Audi, but about “a comprehensive ecosystem with car-related services”. This includes the Audi Urbansphere Concept driving automatically, picking up its passengers at home and independently finding a parking space and charging the battery. The vehicle itself is above all space: 3.40 meters wheelbase, 5.51 meters length , 2.01 meters wide and 1.78 meters high, Audi’s future of the luxury class? They “radically break with the conventions of the segment,” says the accompanying text of the city car, which is not at all easy to digest four individual seats. Not in ten places, which would make sense for such a big car in city traffic. Four, in other words, designed to take “the changing social needs of the passengers” into account. Especially the two rear armchairs play all the comfort pieces. They incline, extend leg rests, can rotate towards each other or cover the head area with a cover attached behind the headrest from the person next to or opposite. Each seat also has its own sound zone with speakers in the headrest area. Of course, there is also a monitor in the front seat backrest. However, this is child’s play compared to the large-format, transparent OLED screen, which can pivot vertically from the roof area into the zone between the rows of seats and is used by the rear passengers. Between the rear seats there is one that can be swiveled upwards Center console that includes a water dispenser and glasses. Like in the wellness area of ​​a hotel. Stress detection on board Audi is continuing the wellness theme. The vehicle has integrated stress detection. This adaptive program uses a face scan and voice analysis to determine how the passengers are feeling and offers each person individual opportunities to relax, for example with a meditation app that can be used via the personal screen and the private sound zone in the headrests. From the outside: On sleek vanHow do you pack so much space into what looks like a futuristic Audi? Actually exactly like that. The Urbansphere Concept could compete as a future version of a Chrysler Voyager from Ingolstadt. Single-frame radiator grille with funny light effects, a sweeping, dynamic roof arch, a massive rocker panel that hides the battery unit. And 24 inch wheels. Light shows at the back too.Electric drive with huge batteryA 120 kWh battery is located between the axles as the power source for the two electric motors, which together deliver 295 kW/401 hp and 690 Nm, and should enable a calculated WLTP range of 750 kilometers. The 800-volt system can be refueled with up to 270 kW direct current. Ten minutes is enough to take the drive energy for more than 300 kilometers on board, in less than 25 minutes the battery charge level can be increased from five to 80 percent. Air suspension should ensure comfortable gliding, rear-wheel steering to avoid scratches when manoeuvring .You will have already guessed: The Audi Urbansphere Concept was created for traffic in the megacities of China. But people at Audi are convinced that “the concept is also suitable for all other metropolitan areas around the world”. “In these urban regions, where personal space is particularly tight, the concept car offers the largest interior of an Audi to date.” However, the Urbansphere is not planned as a camper van for city dwellers who can no longer afford their apartment.
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