Quiz: can you recognize these 7 film teachers?

Try the 20/20 in our cinema quiz. Can you find out which film each of these teacher photos belongs to? While the start of the school year is still far away, test your knowledge, like a holiday notebook!

Teachers and dunces at the same time! Clearly, their example is not to be followed… On the occasion of the release of La très très grande classe, with Melha Bedia as a rather dull teacher, we have concocted this summer quiz for you, of course, but which already has a little back-to-school fragrance!

Like a holiday notebook, try the 20/20 in our cinema quiz. Can you find out which film each of these teacher photos belongs to?

Can you avoid the dunce cap? The teachers have inspired many films, and in particular comedies, as our quiz illustrates! This summer, the French comedy La très très grande classe joins this list of school comedies. In the main role, we find the comedian and comedian Melha Bedia.

She plays Sofia, a young French teacher, martyred by her students. Believing at last to hold the mutation of her dreams, she launches into an explosive farewell and savors her revenge. Problem: her transfer is frozen, she is now in competition with a teacher with an irreproachable CV and her students, more reassembled than ever, are determined to make her pay for her words. Lies at the academy, low blows to her competitor, seduction campaign… Sofia is ready to do anything to get her exit certificate!

Its director considers La Très très grande classe as a comedy about reconciliation: that of a teacher with her vocation, but also that of the students with their education. “This film is therefore similar to my previous films. Dirty kids or Ma reum already mentioned transmission and intergenerational encounters, two subjects that are dear to me.“, he indicates.

The comedy directed by Frédéric Quiring was released on screens this Wednesday, August 10.

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