Quiz old creepy people at the cinema: if you answer wrong, they will terrorize you!

Who has never freaked out in front of some terrifying old people in horror cinema? On the occasion of the theatrical release of Abuela, test your knowledge of old creepy movies.

In Abuela, released on April 6, a Madrid granny terrorizes her granddaughter. This terrifying elderly person is portrayed by Brazilian actress Vera Valdez.

The latter adds her name to the list of old cinema freaks! If you’re not afraid of anything, let yourself be drawn into our quiz to test your knowledge of the old people who scared the hell out of us at the cinema.

Abuela follows the character of Susana, a young Spanish model. She is about to break into the world of Parisian fashion.

But when her grandmother is the victim of an accident leaving her almost paralyzed, Susana must return to Madrid in the old apartment where she grew up in order to watch over the one who constitutes her only family.

As their joint anniversary approaches, old memories resurface along with strange events, and her grandmother’s behavior becomes more and more disturbing…

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