Quiz Series: impossible to get 10/10!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and we are also going to celebrate mothers in our own way by offering you this 100% TV series quiz, with ten mothers like no other to recognize! Do you think you can achieve 10/10?

It’s a tradition that dates back to 1906 in France: every last Sunday of May (unless it also corresponds to Pentecost Sunday), we celebrate and honor our mothers.

Two years ago, we offered you the opportunity to play with some of the most famous mothers in cinema, inviting you to find among four faces, which were those of the mothers of different characters in feature films.

The first question concerned, for example, Marty McFly, the young hero of Back to the Future, and despite the cult status of the film, 20% of you still chose the wrong answer by checking, for example, the face of the actress Sally Field, mother of Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, or that of Frances Lee McCain, mother of young Billy in Gremlins.

The second question shifted into the DC universe, asking you to find which face was that of Wonder Woman’s mother in the adaptation by Patty Jenkins, and you were then only half able to find the correct answer by choosing actress Connie Nielsen.

A quiz that also looked towards animated films, since one of the questions asked you to find little Riley’s mother in Vice Versa. 10% of you opted for Hélène Parr from The Incredibles, 7% for Linda from Mitchell vs. the Machines, but 80% of you still chose the right face, that of Jill Andersen.

Today, we leave the cinematographic universe, to explore that of TV series by asking you to try to associate the right series among three proposals with these ten mothers – we hope for you – unforgettable. It’s up to you, and a day late, happy day to all mothers!

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