QUIZ. Subway ticket, pain au chocolat, chouquettes, Smic… The best political blunders

By the way… how much does a metro ticket cost? This little question, possibly declined with the price of the baguette or the amount of the minimum wage, immediately ruffles the hairs of political figures. Because it is necessarily posed live, on TV or radio, and any hesitant answer or off the mark immediately categorizes you above ground… And you, are you unbeatable on these tricky questions?

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Founder of The Express With Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, the journalist Franoise Giroud is the one who inaugurated during live radio or TV the questions drawn to politicians on the cost of living. When? We pass for the answer because you will need it in the quiz above. An easy level quiz from a financial point of view… but not so easy level politically.

Françoise Giroud has since inspired many journalists. In the forefront of which Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who for a time instituted this question, catches eye to eye in his morning on BFM and RMC. Some pigs have gone down in history as you will see in the quiz above.

With a real red thread: the price of a metro ticket, a bus ticket, or an urban transport ticket in general. And bakery prices… There remains a debate that has never really been settled: should we say pain au chocolat or chocolatine. And raisin bread, snail, Russian bread or schneck?

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