“Quiz Taxi”: Many surprised passengers and a familiar voice

“Quiz Taxi”
Many surprised passengers and a familiar voice

Thomas Hackenberg was already on the road in the “Quiz Taxi” from 2006 to 2008. Now he surprises passengers again with the rolling quiz show.

© Kabel Eins/Boris Breuer

The shortest route, the highest profit: There are five interesting facts at the start of the new edition of “Quiz Taxi”.

On Monday, September 4th, the “Quiz Taxi” will be back on kabel eins after 15 years. Unsuspecting passengers board Thomas Hackenberg (61) – and are suddenly candidates on the television show. The rules have hardly changed: passengers can win money for correctly answered quiz questions. There are three jokers in the new edition: In addition to the passer-by joker and the telephone joker, the candidates can now also draw an online joker, which they can use to research the Internet for ten seconds using their smartphone. If the third wrong answer is given, the passengers lose the amount they have earned and have to get off immediately.

Here are more interesting facts about the legendary quiz show that the broadcaster announced in a press release:

The original comes from Great Britain

The British original is called “Cash Cab”. The show was then adopted worldwide, including in the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and Spain.

750 episodes in 30 cities

Presenter Thomas Hackenberg already ran the “Quiz Taxi” from April 18, 2006 to May 29, 2008 on kabel eins. At that time there were around 750 episodes that were produced in 30 cities – from Aachen to Kitzbühel, Cologne, Leipzig and Mallorca to Würzburg.

The vehicle model

The “Quiz Taxi” 2023 is a VW Multivan eHybrid OPF and offers seven seats. Since the passenger seat next to presenter Thomas Hackenberg always remains free, there is room for up to five passengers in the rolling quiz show.

So many passengers are participating

A total of 141 passengers board the new episodes. The shortest distance covered is 3.7 kilometers. The highest win will be 2200 euros.

The Quiz Voice

The female voice, also in the The new edition again asks the questions in the “Quiz Taxi” is the voice most listened to in Germany: Nicole Bull used to say the time on the phone, and she can still be heard today in a number of Telekom voice dialog services.

The “Quiz Taxi” can be seen on kabel eins and Joyn from September 4, Monday to Friday from 6:55 p.m. The show also gets a spin-off: The “Quiz Taxi – Joyn Edition” with social media star Amar (29). From September 18th there will be two new episodes a week for free on Joyn.


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