Quiz: Titanic, Avengers 3… Only a real fan knows the working title of these films!

Some films are filmed under a provisional working title, which are sometimes even completely opposite to the very subject of the work, just to confuse the issue! Can you relate them to their works? Take the test!

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It very often happens that films are shot under a “Working Title”, in other words a provisional working title. Such a process is obviously not the exclusive prerogative of cinema. This practice is widespread in video games, literature, in the creation of fiction for TV, musical albums…

Working titles are mainly used for two reasons – the first being that an official title has not yet been decided, with the working title being used for identification purposes only; and the second being a ruse to intentionally conceal the true nature of a project. For some works and the expectation they generate among fans, this protection has even become necessary, as the risks of leaks, especially in the age of social networks and their immediate effects, are great.

In the 7th Art, the examples, often famous, are very numerous. Some are even sometimes totally opposite to the very subject of the work, just to cover the tracks better…

Hence the idea of ​​our quick quiz in seven questions: you necessarily know the works below, are undoubtedly fans of these films. But are you a hardcore fan that you know their working titles? Take the test!

If you thought the practice of working titles was fairly new, think again. Casablanca for example, the masterpiece carried by the tandem Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman released in 1942 (1947 in France), was filmed under the title Everybody’s Come to Rick’s”; Rick being the first name of the actor in the film. Before being released in theaters under the title 2001, a space odyssey, Stanley Kubrick and his team worked in the greatest secrecy on a film called How the Solar System Was Won”.

We also like the one from John McTiernan’s cursed film, The 13th Warrior, whose working title was Eaters of the Dead. It’s not that far removed from the macabre working title of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was “Head Cheese”, or, literally, “head cheese”. A little taste, if we dare say, of the future spectacle that spectators will discover horrified and paralyzed in front of Tobe Hooper’s film…

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