R6 Extraction: Tier list of the best Agents

Available since the beginning of 2022, Rainbow Six Extraction is a new fully cooperative experience, which immerses you in a world invaded by creatures from elsewhere. Helped by two teammates, you will have to overcome this parasite while collecting various information, to discover a little more about this mysterious disease, which has decimated many cities in no time.

To do this, you will have to build the best team, complementary and efficient, thanks to a choice among eighteen Agents, from Rainbow Six. Some are obviously much better than others, although this may vary depending on how each plays. We therefore offer you a third-party list, to give you an idea of ​​which character to choose, if you ever have any doubts. Note, however, that this information is given for information only and is not definitive. The tier list is also bound to evolve over time.

Tier list of Rainbow Six Extraction Agents


Sledge Sledge

As we told you, the feeling is different for each player, since it varies in particular according to your way of playing. But some Agents still manage to stand out, being more interesting than others. Lion, Alibi and Finka are, without a doubt, some of the most powerful Agents currently in Extraction, and are undeniable assets for your team. Those present in the “A” category are also very good characters, unlike Sledge and IQ, which we can judge as too weak for the moment.

Although it is a cooperative single-player game, Ubisoft may bring new updates from time to time, with the aim of balancing the Agents, to make them more balanced and to give a little interest to the weak. Also note that the more you play with an Agent, the more interesting weapons you will unlock, which can therefore increase their interest. This tier list is based on their base level.

The article will be updated over time, if needed.

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