Rachida Dati’s microphone remains open, her tackle to Anne Hidalgo filmed live


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During the Paris Council, a heated exchange took place between Rachida Dati and Anne Hidalgo, who left her opponent’s microphone open during her speech.

Filmed punchlines. This Tuesday, November 16 begins the Council of Paris which is to be held over four days. On this occasion, elected officials debate the budget distribution of the capital. A meeting chaired by Anne Hidalgo, the current mayor of Paris. In her speech where she listed the various points of the budget, Rachida Dati did not stop making remarks. Reflections formulated open microphone, a will of Anne Hidalgo tired from the beginning of the session of the behavior of her opponent and who wished “That Parisians can take advantage of it”. Response from the main interested party: “Well then we will denounce all your lies”, who has accepted that his microphone remains open.

And the mayor of the 7th arrondissement did not go there with the back of a spoon for each sentence uttered by the mayor of Paris. “Oh pamper!”, “an exceptional debt that you have tripled” or “With the money of Parisians!”. Comments from her rival that did not stop her in her speech, marked by her impassivity during this heated debate. But it is a passage on ecology that annoyed Rachida Dati. While the mayor of Paris returned to the maintenance of roads and sidewalks, the former Minister of Justice told her: “Well we saw the result”. But when Anne Hidalgo explained that “We are repaying our climate debt”, Rachida Dati threw him “We have to stop cracking!” while reading his newspaper.

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