Racket Club: Resolution Games unveils its original VR gameplay that makes you want to play racket sports!

Resolution Games unveiled a trailer for its new game, Racket Clubduring the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. It was created by the same studio that gave us multiplayer games VR such as Demeo, Coat of arms And Acron! Attack of the Squirrels. Racket Club promises an entirely new sports experience, specially designed for players in VR. It promises to immerse us in an immersive and realistic experience that will combine the discipline’s natural movements with the fun and accessibility of the world’s best pick-up sports.

Mathieu Castelli, Creative Director at Resolution Games, said: “Recreational sports play an important role in bringing people together. I often picked up my racquet, visited a club and made new friends on and off the court. With Racket Club, we want to offer the same experience in virtual reality, with gameplay and physics that are closer to playing racket sports in real life. »

Racket Club draws its inspiration from racket games such as tennis, padel, pickleball and squash. After its announcement at the end of 2022, the trailer unveiled today offers us a first concrete glimpse of the gameplay of Racket Club. When you step onto the court, you discover a playing space surrounded by four transparent walls that serve as bouncy surfaces to keep the ball in play and add a strategic dimension. The more you manage to return the ball to each other, the more points you score. This “points rally” mechanism brings a unique combination of risk and reward, which sets it apart from traditional racquet sports. You will have to observe your opponent’s behavior in order to choose the right moment to break the tacit cooperation and win the points.

The size of the Racket Club court has been specifically designed to accommodate living areas, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game while remaining in a safe zone. You will be able to make natural movements, whether it is to move on the court or to achieve wide movements with the perfect angles.

Castelli explains, “From day one, our goal for Racket Club was to faithfully recreate the feel of racquet sports. Ironically, the best way to do this wasn’t to replicate an existing sport in VR, but to build something entirely new. We have deconstructed racquet sports down to their fundamentals to reconstruct them naturally in a virtual space, focusing on the enjoyment and reward of exceptional play. Our goal is to create a sport that you would feel as comfortable playing in a physical club as you would in a VR headset. »

here are some screenshots provided by the publisher:

Racket Club 004Racket Club 003Racket Club 002Racket Club 001Racket Club 006

At launch, Racket Club will offer singles (1v1) and doubles (2v2) multiplayer modes, as well as a single-player career mode. You can now add it to your wishlist on Steam and the Meta Quest Store.

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