Radiant Photo: a new editing software that relies on AI

By relying on artificial intelligence, Radiant Imaging Labs wants to make its new photo editing software, Radiant Photo, a must. Thanks to many automatisms, the software must respond to many situations.

While we regularly talk about Lightroom, Luminar or Darktable, here is a newcomer to the world of photo editing, Radiant Photo. Once again, the use of artificial intelligence is highlighted in order to offer easy-to-access and efficient functions.

The publisher Radiant Imaging Labs presents itself with a management team made up of photographers who know perfectly the needs of… photographers precisely. And that gives an alibi for the development of yet another photo editing software.

More AI

Obviously, none of this would be possible without a good dose of artificial intelligence, and too bad if this term gradually loses its meaning to become a less and less relevant marketing argument. In short, thanks to deep learning, Radiant Photo makes it possible to correct its images in a few mouse clicks. Which will not fail to catch the eye of neophytes or “lazy people”.

In this way, faces are detected, as well as the type of scene, for example a landscape. Then, adjustment options are fortunately available to adjust the rendering as well as possible.



Promising features

Among the functions highlighted by Radiant Imaging Labs, we find:

  • noise reduction
  • Increase in sharpness
  • Natural color adjustment
  • Portrait detection and adjustment
  • Optimal scene exposure
  • Presences of smart presets
  • Graduated filters
  • Precise settings
  • Etc.

With the images provided by the developers, it is difficult to get a precise idea of ​​the performance of such software. Photos are often “failed” with effective software correction, but it may be better to focus on taking the shot rather than investing in an application to make a correction.



Software still in beta

Concerning “AI”, our experience shows that the efficiency of this type of mechanism shows its limits, in particular with the application of corrections to the hook. However, let’s not condemn a new player who arrives on an ultra-competitive market before having been able to judge on the spot. On the contrary, let us salute the risk-taking of the Radiant Imaging Labs teams and wish them every success in their endeavour.

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From our side, we always encourage the photographer to step out of their comfort zone and try new solutions. Over time, it’s easy to get stuck in habits that are a bit outdated, even outdated. For those who would like to try Radiant Photo, the software will be available on both Windows and macOS. The app is fully Apple M1 and M2 compatible.

Price & availability

Radiant Photo is available for pre-order for €139. It will then be necessary to spend 169 € outside the promotional periods. The price includes the application alone as well as the plug-in for use with Adobe tools. Besides, it looks like the plugin or the software alone will be sold separately at a slightly reduced price.

If the software can be purchased without a subscription, you will have to pay €50 per year to benefit from the latest updates after the first year. In addition, additional content will be accessible exclusively, while a $15 coupon will be offered each month to acquire new presets.

The development is said to be still ongoing, and Radiant Imaging Labs specifies that many changes could still occur before the final release. Radiant Photo is expected to arrive in final version in mid-September 2022.

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