Radioactive radiation instead of 5G protection: authorities warn against wristbands

The Dutch health authority warns of bracelets, amulets and sleeping masks that allegedly can “neutralize” 5G waves. During an investigation radioactive substances were found. Ten products have already been withdrawn from the market.

Anti-5G radioactive wristbands

Some esoteric conspirators equip themselves and their children with bracelets and other jewelry to supposedly protect themselves from 5G frequencies. When examining several of these products, some of which are offered on the Internet at steep prices, one is weak radioactive radiation detected been.

The Dutch health authority is now urgently warning about the bracelets, amulets and sleeping masks. According to the country’s radiation protection agency, the amount of radiation is low, but it is “Long-term health damage” could nevertheless be “not completely ruled out”. There would be an increased risk especially if the products were worn permanently on the body.

For ten of the tested articles there is one Sales ban pronounced been. Due to the radioactive radiation, however, the jewelry must not be disposed of with household waste (source: Authority for Nuclear Safe and Radiation Protection).

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5G waves as the target of conspiracies

The LTE successor 5G is particularly important some conspiracy myths in esoteric circles. Among other things, the claim that 5G waves would “reprogram” the human genome is popular. Bill Gates, completely uninvolved in setting up the 5G networks, is said to use the frequencies to make people “sterile”. Alleged connections between 5G and the corona pandemic are also artificially created.

In several states it already has Arson attacks on 5G stations given. In Great Britain, a cell phone tower destroyed near a hospital meant that emergency calls could not be made in the meantime.

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