Raid in Bregenz – “Had a knife blade five centimeters in front of my face”

A large-scale police operation caused a sensation early on Saturday evening in the Rhine Valley. In Bregenz as well as at the motorway exit near Dornbirn, heavily armed special forces of the executive carried out close-knit controls. The reason: a perpetrator armed with a 20 centimeter long knife has robbed a grocery store in Bregenz Vorloster.

Major alarm in Vorarlberg! Early on Saturday evening, a perpetrator armed with a 20 centimeter knife attacked the “Albi supermarket” in Bregenz’s pre-monastery. The approximately 1.70 meter tall, blond, short-haired man who spoke without an accent was dressed completely in black and wore a hooded sweater.

The man at the cash desk had asked the cashier – who had her first day of work on Saturday – with her knife held up to open the cash register. In her nervousness, the woman did not bring this up at first, whereupon the perpetrator threatened her even more severely.

“I had the blade of the knife five centimeters in front of my face,” says the woman from the “Krone”. When the drawer finally opened, the robber reached in, tore out the bills and ran out of the store.

The police immediately initiated a large-scale riot after the alarm, countless special forces, the police helicopter “Dragonfly” and police drones were in action.

The search for the fugitive robber was subsequently extended to all of Vorarlberg – numerous checkpoints with armed forces were set up.