Rainbow Six Extraction: the Spillover crisis event launched in videos, Zofia joins the roster

This weekend has many surprises in store for players enjoying the license Rainbow Six and in particular the two Polish sisters Ela and Zofia. Thus, after the broadcast of a short film preparing the announcement of theYear 7 of R6 Seat in which they occupy the leading roles, it is the turn of the recent episode PvE Extraction to be entitled to new content, including the addition of the second sis to her roster ofOfficers to combat the Archaean threat.

As announced before its release, you can now play I’crisis event limited time spillover part of the post-launch content program of Rainbow Six Extraction. With him, Ubisoft therefore made it playable Zofiawho wields a machine gun LMG-E and a grenade launcher firing impact or stun projectiles. On top of that, it resists blinding effects and can revive after being knocked out without the need to use a kit. This last ability allows him to regain 70 HP once upgraded and fully reload his ammo! Suffice to say that it should help more than one.

It is also possible to unlock new technology for free REACTthe Automatic Turretwhich you can see in action in the trailer for gameplay and the explanatory video below. Following this event, the duration of which has not been specified, you will have to go through the store to obtain it. Various cosmetic rewards are quickly visible, such as weapon charms, and can be collected from this new game mode based on the defense of an area where theEmergence covers a large area, but without hindering our movements. On the other hand, it is necessary to use a dissolving agent to eradicate it.


In Spillover, your objective is to place a dissolving agent container in order to eliminate Emergence colonies. Prepare a strong defense and expect shock as hordes of Archaeans charge at you and your teammates!


Your favorite GROM Specialist joins the fight! Zofia has just added her arsenal of grenades to your selection of agents. Equip Zofia with your best weapons and gadgets, and storm the containment areas again!

Zofia is extremely skilled in close combat, survival skills, and resource extraction, all of which are necessary for a successful incursion. REACT knew it wouldn’t take long for him to join the team given that his sister Ela is helping with the containment efforts. Even if a certain rivalry opposes them, REACT needs her to fight the unpredictable parasite.

  • Aptitude – Can equip its KS79 LIFELINE launcher which fires offensive and impact grenades. Zofia is resistant to blinding effects and can self-revive when critical.
  • Armed – The LMG-E is a machine gun available from the start of the game. You will of course be able to unlock new weapons as you progress.


Unlock an exclusive new REACT tech, the Auto Turret, a deployable turret that automatically targets Archaeans and defends your position from all possible angles.


Highlight your achievements with new rewards including exclusive cosmetic items (Agent uniforms, weapon skins, etc.)!

Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover 01 18 02 2022 Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover 02 18 02 2022 Rainbow Six Extraction Spillover 03 18 02 2022

Two others Crises are already planned according to the official site, enough to bring in even more players? With already more than 5 million unique players, Ubisoft seems to have hit the mark when releasing this game.

If you want to get Rainbow Six Extractionit’s sold from €39.99 at Fnac with a steel book Free.

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