Rainbow Six Siege: Detailed and dated Operation Vector Glare in video, gameplay for Sens and his wall of light

L’Operation Vector Glare of Rainbow Six Siege has as planned been presented this Sunday, with all the information and the gameplay that the community could dream of. But hey, as often, Ubisoft was content to formalize things that had already leaked before.

The Season 2 of the’Year will therefore add Sensea Belgian squad agent Wolfsquad who has the gadget ROU Projection System, an accessory creating a wall of light obscuring vision. It will also bring the card designed for the Team Deathmatch, Close Quarteras well as a shooting range to try out gameplay in peace, with many aids and visuals and pre-recorded videos to improve.

Other than that, the devs will be adding reputation penalties for players causing too much friendly fire, which can lead to activating reverse friendly firea way Privacy to avoid the stream snipinginnovations for ongoing match cancellations, a third secondary weapon option for all Officersoptions to configure screen shakes and others to personalize our competitive games (why not to interrupt it to talk about tactics).

Finally, a referral program will allow you to earn agents and packs by playing games with friends who have not played for a year or more, and from elite skins inspired by Yakuza for Echo and hibana will land in the store. Technical updates will be available on the test server from May 24, and all new content will be accessible to the general public from June 7, 2022. For latecomers, Rainbow Six Siege – Deluxe Edition is available from €15.99 on

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