Rainbow Six: Siege: Link your accounts before December 6 to take advantage of cross-progression – Rainbow Six: Siege

Operation Solar Raid is about to arrive in Rainbow Six: Siege, allowing many things to be added, while improving certain points. It is in this sense that cross-progression and cross-play are introducedso that players can, in particular, resume their same account on all platforms and find their skins, for example.

But to take advantage of this, you must, obligatorily, link your accounts before the date of December 6, which will mark the deployment of this Operation. This only applies to those playing Rainbow Six: Siege on multiple platforms. For example, if you usually play it on PlayStation, but you also play it on PC, via Game Pass or via Steam, you will be able to find all your progress on the same account, your credits and everything you have unlocked. To do this, simply link your accounts using the Ubisoft account you wish to keep. You can also go to the official website to find out how to do it, if you want more information.

Bonus, Ubisoft clarifies that if you are sanctioned, regardless of the nature of the sanction, this will now apply to all platforms. For the rest, note that everything will be synchronized, be it packs, cosmetics, unlocked Operators, credits or your rank. You can have more information about it on the official website. See you on December 6 to discover these two features, but also Solis, new Operator, and the Nighthaven Lab card.

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