Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Solar Raid new release date and details, Solis gameplay and NieR: Automata 2B Elite skin for Iana

We had an appointment this Monday, November 21 to discover all the novelties of I’Operation Solar Raidacting as Season 4 of the’Year 7 for Rainbow Six Siege. Even before the event, the news Agent Colombian solis had leaked before being confirmed via a short trailer CGI highlighting his strategist side, which corresponds well to his role as Defender using an electric sensor SPEC-IO to glean information on enemy equipment, she who is part of the team GhostEyes Directed by Caveira.

the gameplay of solis was therefore introduced, showing us that she is using an augmented reality headset that has a built-in scanner that reveals the position of electronic devices in her field of vision. To defend herself, she has a P90 and a shotgun ITA 12L in primary weapons, a submachine gun SMG-11 secondary, as well as impact grenades and a bulletproof camera as gadgets.

L’Operation Solar Raid will be available on December 6a decidedly busy day for the publisher, also adding the map NightHaven Labintroducing the reputation system beta, a system of Ranked Games 2.0a progression of Battlepass less linear and more, the presentation video going into detail on what awaits the community.

the cross play will otherwise make its arrival, allowing players playstation and Xbox to play togetherwhile those on PC will remain separate, being able to meet Luna users all the same (Stadia being due to disappear shortly…). Shared progress will be enabled at the same time (except for the rank in ranked games), with the data stored in the clouds and accessible from any platform thanks to Ubisoft Connect. All the details on this subject can be found on the official site.


The truth comes to light in Operation SOLAR RAID thanks to the brand new defender: SOLIS. The agent from Colombia joins the GHOSTEYES team — a perfect choice for someone who values ​​truth and information, especially when the lives of their colleagues are at stake.

The SPEC-IO electrical sensor is the ideal tool to ensure the safety of your team. Capable of detecting electronic devices, SOLIS embodies team spirit and has a powerful observation tool for information gathering and asymmetry against its opponents. With 2 HEALTH, 2 SPEED, and the P90 SMG in its arsenal, SOLIS will know your location before you know its.

The SPEC-IO Electric Sensor is an augmented reality headset that collects information in real time. SOLIS can detect the location of 15 gadgets and identify 5 of them, avoiding any unpleasant surprises for his teammates. By using his helmet’s Scanner skill, these 5 devices will be marked for all his teammates to see. After all, reliable information prevents disasters.

Attackers will have to rely on non-electronic devices or wait for SOLIS’s battery to drain, although Thatcher’s EMP Grenade can temporarily disable SOLIS’s device. Between the IMPACT GRENADE and ARMORED CAMERA as gadget options, you can never escape SOLIS.

AFEAU’s training taught Solis not to embark on a mission without all the information, and after a disastrous operation in Bogota, SOLIS learned how important intelligence really is.

Finally, in addition to the pack NieR Replicant for maverickfans of the license of Square-Enix can also be purchased now a elite skin for Iana making him take on the features of 2B from NieR: Automata. For a character who was introduced to space at the time, that fits pretty well.

The edition Deluxe of Rainbow Six Siege is sold €15.99 on Amazon if you want to get into it.

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