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During the health crisis, the maternal assistant relays or “RAM” proved to be central as well for the maternal assistants as for many families, according to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. This “first local service for individual reception” was created by the National Family Allowances Fund (Cnaf) in 1989. But its role and missions were not recognized in legislation until 2005. The RAMs were designed to support the development and improvement of the family. individual reception of young children. But what do maternal assistant relays really consist of?

What is a maternal assistant relay?

A maternal assistant relay corresponds to a space of reception, information, meetings, exchanges and support. This free place allows childminders, parents and children to come together to share a friendly and fun moment.

This is a “creator of social links, place of animation, it participates in the revitalization of a territory through the projects that it leads in partnership with many actors (schools, associations, retirement homes …)”, can we read in the report of the Departmental Commission for the Care of Young Children.

This local structure is managed either by a local authority, or by a municipal or inter-municipal social action center, even by an association or by a public administrative establishment. “It can be created in all municipalities or their groups”, indicated Law n ° 2005-706 of June 27, 2005.

This type of reception is led by early childhood professionals, namely educators of young children, social workers and sometimes even nursery nurses.

RAM: who are the childminders’ relay activities for?

According to the Departmental Commission for the Reception of Young Children, maternal assistant relays are intended for individual reception professionals, that is to say childminders approved by the General Council, applicants for approval and people working in the family home as part of home care. Families, more specifically parents and their children under the age of 6, can also visit this place. Prospective parents looking for childcare are also welcome.

RAM: what is the purpose of a childminder relay?

The maternal assistants relay is a place where parents and future parents looking for a reception solution can receive advice and information on the different types of childcare that exist around them. “by respecting the principle of neutrality in the relationship between supply and demand.” This structure can direct parents to childminders, who meet their needs and criteria (specific hours, welcoming disabled children).

This space also allows families, individual care professionals and children to meet and hold meetings. The RAM organizes awakening activities and workshops for toddlers.

The purpose of the childminders relay is also to support childminders and home employees and to enable them to come out of their professional isolation. “In order to support professionalization and bring out new vocations in deficit areas, the RAM informs future professionals about all early childhood careers and their different methods of exercise, as well as on the financial aid which can be claim childminders “, specifies the Departmental Commission for the Reception of Young Children.

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