Ramon Roselly: That’s why the “DSDS” winner likes to live in a caravan so much

Ramon Roselly
That is why the “DSDS” winner likes to live in a caravan

Ramon Roselly will release his second album “Favorite Moments” on June 25th.

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Since his “DSDS” victory, Ramon Roselly has been swimming on the wave of success. In an interview, the pop singer talks about his big family.

Ramon Roselly (27) won the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” a good year ago. While other winners disappeared just a few months later, Roselly started a flight of highs that has not let up. In the hit world he has long been represented in all major TV shows, regularly seen alongside Florian Silbereisen (39) and he is releasing his second album on June 25th. The title: “Favorite Moments”. There have already been a few of them in his life, especially since his “DSDS” victory: “The favorite moment for me is that I can present this music to people!”, He says in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Large family: Ramon Roselly has over 49 cousins

The 27-year-old is no stranger to life in the spotlight. Even before he took part in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” he was active in his family’s circus. Does he sometimes miss his appearances there? “Fortunately, I don’t have to miss the circus!” Explains Roselly. “My whole family, I have over 49 cousins, still do a circus and I can always be there.”

Traveling around is also no problem for him, because the singer lives in a trailer. This lifestyle has a number of advantages: “It’s the same as in an apartment – but I can take my apartment with me anywhere. In this way, I have a permanent place of residence,” says Roselly. “But if I want to change my place of residence, that is easier than with an apartment.”

The whiz kid in German Schlager can hardly believe his current success. “It’s crazy that as a little fan I come around the corner and suddenly stand next to the big stars I saw on TV as a little boy.” However, it is not difficult for him to stay on the ground: “To be honest, I don’t feel like a star at all and therefore have no reason to ‘take off’.” So far there have been no negative sides to the success. “Fortunately, I’ve been spared that so far,” says Roselly.

Partner Lorena takes Ramon Roselly “as I am”

In his private life, the 27-year-old is a great family man. His family is “incredibly proud of me, which of course also makes me very proud”. “They are always happy when they see me on television, for example, but at home the company is quite normal,” says the singer. He also receives great support from his partner Lorena. What he particularly appreciates about her is “that she takes me for who I am”.

On his new album “Favorite Moments”, Ramon Roselly sings cover versions of German hit classics and well-known English-language titles in German. Among other things, a duet with TV chef and singer Nelson Müller (42) is featured on the long player: “You are everything I want”, a German version of “You To Me Are Everything” (1976) by The Real Thing.

Joint song with TV chef Nelson Müller

The genesis of this collaboration is complex. Ten years ago, Roselly heard a German version of “You To Me Are Everything” while driving. “It was on a USB stick that I always had with me. I still don’t know where I got this version from. But from then on it was one of my favorite songs!” Says the singer. “I sang the song with a band at a family celebration. People asked me where I got this title from.” Later he saw by chance that Nelson Müller had once sung the song together with Helene Fischer (36) on her show.

“It sounded exactly like the title on my USB stick. In fact, it was.” Roselly and Müller would have “contacted immediately whether we could include the song on the album. He agreed and even wanted to sing along! That was a huge honor for me! Suddenly we were in the studio together. The duet turned out to be awesome and.” Nelson is a great guy “.

The two sang together, but the star chef has not yet taught the pop singer any special tricks in cooking. “I will be happy to test his cooking skills with great pleasure!” Explains Roselly with a laugh.