Ramsau / Schladming – mountain guide after taking anthelmintics in the hospital

Now something has happened again: A mountain guide from Ramsau tried to cure his corona disease with a wormer for horses. In vain: the 58-year-old only barely survived the Rosskur and is now in the deaconess hospital in Schladming.

Last Thursday, the Covid patient sought help from his family doctor Oliver Lammel, who runs his ordination in the heart of Ramsau, “gasping for air”. He reacted quickly and referred the seriously ill person to the nearest hospital in Schladming. Massive shortness of breath “We got the man into the house with massive shortness of breath, he had a severe cough, poor oxygen saturation and the CT showed a typical Covid lung”, explains Karl Wohak, medical director of the Schladming deaconess hospital, in an interview with the “Krone “. They just managed to keep the man from the intensive care unit,” but the 58-year-old is still not accessible, “said Wohak on Tuesday. Unvaccinated people dominate 13 corona patients in the Upper Styrian clinic, eleven of which not vaccinated – an enormous additional burden for the staff. “So far, we have never had patients who think they can fight their corona infection with a wormer,” says the anesthesiologist. Wormers brought no relief. “The man took the wormer for horses for four days and wondered why his condition worsens rather than improves. Until he couldn’t help but see the doctor “, reports Wohak. Prescription from veterinary or human medicine? Which doctor prescribed the prescription drug for the man is not (yet) known:” Allegedly it was a woman. But you don’t even know whether we’re talking about an animal or human doctor, “says the doctor. It is difficult to prove damage. However, this could only be prosecuted in the” worst case “, i.e. death:” This is so long not an issue as long as no harm could be proven in a patient. Before that there is no criminal law relevance “, knows Wohak, who is also a coroner.” The dose makes the poison. “The personal summary of the medical director:” I feel sorry for the patients who fall into such nonsense, especially when they are taken with the wrong dosage can also be really dangerous ”.
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