Rania of Jordan: Moment of happiness with her children and her husband Abdallah, two days before the tragedy

After inviting their guests to the grounds of their palace in Amman, Queen Rania, her husband Abdallah II and the three children took their places on the seats installed in the courtyard of the palace. The king thus delivered a speech, addressing the future generations to whom the destiny of Jordan will belong in some time: “I would like to congratulate all the sons and daughters of our people, across the country, on this cherished occasion, underscoring my pride in each of them, and my confidence in their determination and ability to achieve the greatest achievements.

Members of the diplomatic corps, civil servants, politicians and relatives of the clan also attended the celebrations, during which King Abdullah II presented several medals. One, posthumously, was devoted to the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, assassinated in the West Bank on May 11, “in recognition of his great role in covering events as a field reporter“. A great moment of communion, unity and love that Queen Rania needed before facing the death of her father…

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