Raphaël Lenglet (Candice Renoir): these sequences that he categorically refuses to play

Back for new episodes of “Candice Renoir”, broadcast this Friday, January 7 on France 2, Raphaël Lenglet is the charm of the detective series. However, the actor categorically refuses that his advantageous physique is used to excess in front of the cameras.

It is the handsome goss from the series ! After a short break, Raphaël Lenglet signs his return to the small screen during the broadcast of the new episodes of “Candice Renoir” this Friday January 7 on France 2. Since 2013, the actor plays Captain Antoine Dumas alongside her screen partner Cécile Bois. With his dark gaze, his crazy charisma and his tender smile, Raphaël Lenglet continues to captivate viewers. Aware of the seductive potential of their star actor, the production is not against the idea to exploit the advantageous physique of the latter through a few scenes. A desire that is not to the taste of the interested party as he revealed to our colleagues in Puremedia. I put a stop to. Sometimes they try to show me a little too much. “

Whenhe does not see the point of shooting a scene in which he would be a little bit naked, Raphaël Lenglet does not hesitate to share it with the production team of the detective series. When I feel it’s kinda free that it’s a little systematic to please the housewife and that there is no reason to walk around naked in the middle of a supermarket, I do not do it. Not playing “not in a shampoo ad”, the one who took his first steps in the series Navarro prefer that the audience focuses on his acting. With his interpretation and his beautiful bond with Cécile Bois on screen, Raphaël Lenglet does not need to show more.

Raphaël Lenglet at the antipodes of Antoine Dumas

If Cécile Bois shares many points in common with the heroine Candice Renoir, Raphaël Lenglet can not say the same with his character. In an interview with Puremedia in April 2018, the 45-year-old actor revealed that Antoine Dumas has a very different character from his. “Humanly, he’s pretty monolithic. He’s the white clown of the show. He embodies a kind of austerity that works well in relief with Candice’s wacky’s so far from me it’s funny, he declared.

However, Raphaël Lenglet does not find his character “funny” Where “especially sympathetic”, as he confided in the columns of TV-Leisure. “I don’t have a lot of affection for him. We’re light years apart.


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