Rapper Fler: district court sentences him to a suspended sentence

Rapper Fler
District court sentenced him to a suspended sentence

Rapper Fler was convicted again.

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Rapper Fler has been sentenced to a suspended sentence of one year and four months.

Rapper Fler (40) has been sentenced to one year and four months in prison, according to several media reports. The native of Berlin was found guilty on Wednesday (November 23) by the Tiergarten district court of assault, insult, threats, property damage and public incitement to commit crimes. The 40-year-old must also make a payment of 10,000 euros to a non-profit organization.


The prosecutor according to “” 18 months probation required. On the first day of the trial, the rapper already admitted the allegations. The proceedings included an incident that is said to have happened in 2020. The rapper is said to have insulted and threatened a TV crew. A previous, final conviction was included in the sentence. In March 2021, Patrick Losensky, as Fler’s real name is, was sentenced to ten months’ probation – among other things for insults.


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