Rapper moms at the cinema: it’s the crazy Yo Mama with Claudia Tagbo and Zaho!

Yo Mama, in theaters on July 5, brings together a trio of moms determined to weigh in on the rap game! But not everything will go as planned!

Directed by Leïla Sy and Amadou Mariko, Yo Mama tells us the story of three mothers. Terrified by the rap clip of their 11-year-old sons, they decide to get into the game in turn with an explosive clip in order to restore communication within their home.

Against all expectations, the three best friends meet with resounding success but will quickly be overwhelmed by their sudden notoriety and by this world of which they do not have the codes…


Close friend of Jean-Pascal Zadi, producer of the film, Claudia Tagbo was attached to the project from the start. To form the rest of the trio, it was necessary to find actresses capable of rapping. Tefa and Béatrice Bonnefoi, who signed the film’s soundtrack, also produce Zaho, which then seemed obvious, even if she had never made a film.

As for Sophie-Marie Larrouy, “His name was quickly mentioned to embody Amandine who was, in my opinion, the most complicated character. She was able to make it evolve in a phenomenal way. It’s a Rolls!”says Leïla Sy.


Note that Yo Mama is inspired by a true story, that of ten-year-old children who played in a rap clip, with wads of cash and weapons in their hands, in January 2015 in Sarcelles , where Amadou Mariko is from.

“A group of mothers had tried to answer, it was then that I began to imagine a sequel where these mothers would have chosen the voice of rap to address their offspring”, confides the director.

“The women of Yo Mama try to stay connected to the reality of their children. It was important to highlight all the women and this very strong sisterhood between them”adds Leïla Sy.

Mika Cotellon


The latter was artistic director and photographer for The Source and Tracklist. Regularly working in the world of hip hop, she has notably produced music videos. She met Kery James with whom she co-directed Banlieusards, released on Netflix in 2019. As for Amadou Mariko, he sought his way for a long time then went to film school at 24 and made his first short film.

After writing the screenplay for Yo Mama, he knocked on the door of Jean-Pascal Zadi, whom he had met in 2008 on the set of Sans pudeur ni morale, which took place in his neighborhood. This is how Zadi and Camille Moulonguet – who co-produce the film – put Amadou Mariko and Leïla Sy in contact.

Yo Mama hit theaters on July 5.

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