Rayane Bensetti and Hugo Clément fall out over a caged bear and a marshmallow

Rayane Bensetti posted a video of himself feeding a marshmallow with his mouth to a chained bear in a cage. A sequence that provoked the wrath of journalist Hugo Clément.

“Dear Rayane Bensetti, this bear that you feed with a marshmallow spends its life confined in small spaces and is forced to perform unnatural acts to amuse the public. Please don’t participate in this and don’t let your subscribers think it’s normal,” the animal rights activist posted to the actor.

A remark that did not please the person concerned, who hastened to retort: ​​”We are making a film, it’s cinema […] there are extras and it’s still dangerous, hence the cage. The bear shoots 45 minutes a day and only has three days of filming”, first explained the actor, who then claimed that the animal did not live in this cage most of the time, referring to a large enclosure. and showing a shot of the bear on a rock in the middle of a green space.

The former winner of Dancing with the Stars then made a point of addressing those who “comment on my Insta for free and allow themselves comments and rather nasty judgments without knowing and without inquiring”.

Explanations that did not convince Hugo Clément. “Valentin (the bear on the video, editor’s note) is well known to animal protection associations. This is a bear exploited by its trainer for entertainment, which spends most of its life on the roads, in small spaces”, affirmed the journalist who ended his intervention by “wild animals are not not toys.


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