Reader reporter: – The fireworks! That was the turn of the year in Vienna

Cheers, 2022! Shortly after midnight already received the first short reader reporter video (see above): This is what the fireworks look like over the federal capital in 2021/22! There was also a lot of shooting in downtown Vienna, below is a video from Stephansplatz and other impressions from New Year’s Eve.

This is how experienced the fireworks on Stephansplatz: Vienna’s city center had filled up pretty well on New Year’s Eve. After the restaurants had to close at 10 p.m. due to corona, people continued to celebrate outdoors – at unusually high temperatures – The announced corona demos continued to be limited even around midnight – 50 to a maximum of 100 people were involved. According to the police, everything went peacefully for the time being. The best pictures from our “Krone” photographers: We received impressive pictures from the Styrian state skin city on New Year’s Eve – thousands of people made the pilgrimage there to the corona deceased with a sea of ​​candles and mobile phone lights to commemorate. The most beautiful impressions of the event can be found in the “Steirerkrone”!
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