Real estate The points to know to preserve and renovate your roof

How and when to maintain your roof?

Long before a renovation is necessary, the maintenance of a roof begins with a visual inspection on your part each time bad weather has damaged it. Depending on the configuration of the roof, this may require a visit from a roofer who can carry out essential maintenance repairs.

If your roof is over 20 years old, a check-up at least once every 2 years is recommended. The professional will begin by drawing up an assessment of the necessary work. Depending on the case, a simple maintenance accompanied by the replacement of certain elements of the cover may be sufficient.

In the event of a violent climatic event, a more extensive repair may prove to be obligatory.

When and why is renovation essential?

The renovation of a roof is ideally carried out every 20 years. These essential works preserve and improve your comfort. A complete renovation concerns not only the roof, but also the frame. It is always accompanied by the installation of new thermal insulation.

In addition to its climatic advantages and the energy savings it allows, the renovation of a roof improves the aesthetics of the house, therefore its attractiveness and its value.

What are the mandatory steps for a roof renovation?

Depending on the type of work being undertaken, it may be sufficient to make a declaration of work. This concerns repair and restoration work on an existing building that does not change its external appearance.

On the other hand, for any modification of the exterior appearance of the roof, you must file a building permit file. The latter will be necessary in the case of a change in the slope of the roof, its height, or the roofing material. In any case, it will be necessary to wait for the authorization before starting the work.

The request is examined according to the local urban plan (PLU). This document sets the standards for their maximum height, slope, colors, joinery, chimneys and openings. If the municipality does not have its own applicable documents, the national planning regulations (RNU) apply.

Budget: compare quotes and integrate aid

To establish your budget and know how much the intervention of a professional will cost you, always have several quotes made and examine them carefully.

For a simple treatment against moss count around 30 € per m². A renovation can exceed €100 per m², or even €200 with exterior insulation.

If you have to carry out a renovation, this work necessarily involves an improvement in energy performance and can therefore benefit from the aid in force.

Before signing the quotes, start by carrying out a simulation on the France Rénov’ site. This type of work can also be financed by special loans such as the zero-rate eco-loan.

The renovation advance loan granted to low-income households can allow total financing without pain, since its capital is only repayable on resale or on the occasion of an inheritance.

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