Reality TV participant donates kidney to save ex-boyfriend’s life

“Wedding at first sight”
Reality TV participant donates kidney to save the life of her ex-boyfriend

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Marilyse Corrigan, known from the UK edition of “Wedding at First Sight”, donated a kidney to help her ex-boyfriend. The father of her sons has polycystic kidney disease.

Many couples are hopelessly falling out after the separation – the injuries and disappointments are too great. It seems different with Marilyse Corrigan and her ex-boyfriend. The English reality TV star, known in her home country from the show “Wedding at First Sight”, even saved the life of his former partner Shaun.

Corrigan announced on her Instagram account that she had donated a kidney. The father of her two 16 and twelve year old sons urgently needed an organ transplant because of polycystic kidney disease. Corrigan volunteered as a donor two years ago – without her ex knowing about it, she reported on Instagram. After many tests and examinations, the transplant could finally be carried out. The procedure went well for both the donor and the recipient.

Organ donation in the exchange program

However, it was not possible for the 37-year-old to donate the kidney to her ex-boyfriend directly. Instead, her organ went to another woman as part of an exchange program. In return, Shaun received a different kidney. The intervention had been delayed for some time because of the pandemic.

After the operation, Corrigan posted a selfie from the hospital: “We did it.” Her ex-boyfriend is also doing well: “He looks even better than me,” Corrigan wrote. “I do it for my children, they need their father,” the 36-year-old had told the magazine “OK” before the operation. Organ donation day was not only a special date for the family for this reason: the older son also celebrated his 16th birthday on this day.

The procedure went well

Corrigan was able to leave the hospital after one night, but has to take it easy for a while. Her ex-boyfriend also seems to be accepting the new organ well. He was allowed to go home after a five-day stay in the clinic. “Apparently he’s full of life,” Marilyse Corrigan posted on Instagram.

The couple dated for seven years, during which time Shaun’s condition continued to deteriorate. An organ transplant was only necessary after the separation. Marilyse Corrigan took part in the UK edition of “Wedding at First Sight” that year and got married to 47-year-old Franky Spencer on the show. The marriage lasted only four months.

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