Realme Watch 3, a connected watch with a large screen and Bluetooth calls for 70 €

Realme renews its Watch. The manufacturer’s entry-level connected watch goes to version 3 and highlights its large screen as well as its ability to manage phone calls via Bluetooth, all for only €70.

Like every summer since 2020, Realme is introducing a new version of its low-cost connected watch, soberly named Watch. With its third iteration, the Chinese manufacturer does not intend to revolutionize its proposal, but is getting up to date on the design and functionality front.

A 29% larger screen

Visually closer to the Watch 2 Pro than to the Watch 2, the Realme Watch 3 sports a case with flatter metal edges and in which a silicone strap in proprietary format is inserted. This sleeker design highlights the large 1.8″ rectangular screen, which is much more flattering than the modest 1.4″ screen of the Watch 2. It will nevertheless have to be content with LCD technology, which is includes with regard to the sale price of the watch (€69.99).

No GPS, but calls via Bluetooth

If the GPS remains the prerogative of the Watch 2 Pro, the Watch 3 benefits for its part from a microphone and a speaker which allow it to manage the telephone calls of the smartphone to which it is connected via Bluetooth, which is uncommon at this price level. Realme specifies that this function benefits from a “noise reduction algorithm by artificial intelligence”which we will translate more prosaically by an ability to make phone calls a little more intelligible in noisy environments.

On the sports side, the Realme Watch 3 includes 110 different activities to indulge in, in particular, boxing and other sports more exotic than traditional running. Its IP68 waterproofing should allow it to withstand the rain, but is still insufficient for water sports or even swimming – for that, it would need at least a 5 ATM certification.

Health monitoring of course remains on the program, relying on heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensors which also work for sleep monitoring.

Already available on the Realme site, the Watch 3 will also be marketed by other merchants in the coming weeks, at the same recommended price of €69.99, or €10 more than the Watch 2.

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