Rebel Wolves: a new studio opened by former CD Projekt RED, a AAA RPG under Unreal Engine 5 in the works

Perhaps driven to fly on their own following the failed launch of Cyberpunk 2077, former employees of CD Project RED also worked on The Witcher have just announced the opening of Rebel Wolves. This new studio based on fairness, teamwork and candor will operate primarily from Warsaw, Poland.

It is led by Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, formerly game director on The Witcher 3, second game director on CP 2077 and Vice President of Production at CDPR, who had been at the heart of a moral harassment case for which he was not prosecuted. He will be accompanied by Daniel Sadowski as design director, Jakub Szamałek as lead scriptwriter, Tamara Zawada as animation director, Bartłomiej Gaweł as art director, Michał Boryka as CFO and Robert Murzynowski and head of studio. The team already includes a dozen people and should eventually be made up of more than 80 employees.

All aim to create a AAA Dark Fantasy RPG for PC and consoles next gen using theUnreal Engine 5, which wants to become the first of a saga. A first concept art which could be linked to the project was revealed in passing.

“We are proud of our past accomplishments, but we are hungry for more,” Tomaszkiewicz tells “We want to experiment, to push the limits, to discover new ways of telling stories in the world of video games. We felt that starting a new business, where we make all the decisions, will give us the freedom to take the risks necessary to achieve these ambitions. »

“We want to recreate the feeling of a paper-based role-playing session, where your options seem limitless, where the world reacts to your choices, where every decision matters. »

Rebel Wolves Teaser Key Art

The director was also questioned about his studio’s position on the NFTand it is clear:

” It’s very simple. We won’t have them in our games. Never. »

All in all, very nice promises, which should take time to materialize.

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