Recall: foreign bodies found in vegetarian burgers

Foreign bodies found in vegetarian meat substitutes

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The Federal Office has published a recall for meat substitutes. Plastic foreign objects can be found in vegetarian burgers.

Does it always have to be meat? Nope! Many meat substitute products are now flooding the market. And because they are often in no way inferior to the originals in terms of taste, it is no longer just vegetarians and vegans who choose the plant-based alternative. From sausages to gyros to popular burgers, there is hardly anything left to be desired these days.

But now caution is required: Foreign bodies have now been found in one of these products. As a result, the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety published a recall.

Recall of vegetarian burgers

Specifically, these are the following plant-based burgers:

  • “Vegetarian Hack-Selig Burger”
  • Brand: The Vegetarian Butcher “
  • Soy-based burger patties with a lot of protein
  • Two pieces in a 160 gram pack
  • Best before dates: 04/16/2021 and 04/21/2021
  • Production batches start with the numbers: 1078 and 1083

In the manufacturer’s press release, the manufacturer states that it cannot be ruled out that the burgers from the two batches contained foreign bodies. These are black, small pieces made of hard plastic. There should have been a production error.

Even if the plastic foreign bodies are not directly recognizable, the vegetarian burgers should no longer be eaten. Instead, customers who have already bought the product are asked to contact a free service number: 08001013916.

The products of “The Vegetarian Butcher” are sold in several supermarkets across Germany. According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, the recall applies to all federal states.

The manufacturer apologizes for the incident. The press release on the recall also assures that other batches or branded products are not affected – they can be safely consumed.

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