Recall from Lidl: There is too much THC in these products

Recall campaign at Lidl
Caution! These cannabis products contain too much THC

Lidl is recalling products with THC.

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Due to possible “mood swings and fatigue”, Lidl is recalling some of its cannabis products that have been found to have too high a THC content. The discounter had already removed the biscuits, bars and some teas from its range.

Hemp products are trendy – whether in teas, oils or even disinfectant sprays, the narrow green leaves can be found on many packaging. It only becomes difficult when THC, i.e. the psychoactive substance, is contained in the products. Because that’s forbidden in Germany.

Lidl is recalling some of the cannabis products

In a message from August 25, Lidl calls back various products. All of them had an increased content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Consumption of the food can have undesirable health consequences, “for example mood swings and fatigue,” they say. “Because of this, customers should definitely pay attention to the recall.” The following products are affected by the recall.

These Lidl products may contain too much THC

  • The “Mogota hemp tea” from the Slovenian manufacturer Mogota with the best before date December 31, 2022.
  • The “Solevita Hemp Tea” 0.75 liters from the manufacturer Hermann PF Getränke GmbH with the best before date July 12, 2022 and July 13, 2022.
  • The “Vita D’or organic hemp oil cold-pressed” 250 milliliters from the manufacturer P. Brändle GmbH, a best-before date was not given.
  • A total of three products from the Czech manufacturer Euphoria Trade sro are being recalled. And that regardless of the best-before date. These are the “Mary & Juana Premium Cannabis Cookies” with the varieties Chocolate, Classic, Cranberry and Hash, the “Tea of ​​mind” cannabis tea and the protein bars “Raw Cannabis Protein Bar Apple”.

According to Lidl, the products can be returned in all branches without presenting the receipt. According to the announcement, the purchase price will be fully reimbursed.

The trade in products with THC is prohibited in Germany

Lidl advertised CBD- and THC-free products in its brochures. According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection, approval is required for products with CBD. The trade in THC, on the other hand, is prohibited in Germany.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive substance that is one of the cannabinoids. Exactly that part of the hemp plants that is said to have the main part of the intoxicating effect. The over-the-counter products usually contain CBD, the so-called cannabidiol. It is obtained from the female hemp plant and has an anti-cramping, anti-inflammatory effect and can have an anxiety-relieving effect.

Some Lidl cannabis products are examined by the State Criminal Police Office

Lidl had already taken some of the 21 products from the promotional range off the shelves two weeks ago because the Heilbronn public prosecutor had put them under the microscope, according to the “Tagesschau”. Some of the products, including cookies, muffins and drinks, were sent to the State Criminal Police Office.

According to the investigators, it is a possible violation of the Narcotics Act. A preliminary investigation has not yet been initiated; at the moment it is just a test. Because actually the products that are sold through the startup “The Green Dealers” shouldn’t have an intoxicating effect.

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