Recall: Kaufland is recalling chocolate

Supermarket chain recalls chocolate

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Kaufland has issued a recall for chocolate. The product contains ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Chocolate lovers take note: Before you make yourself comfortable on the sofa tonight, you should take a look in your snack drawer (we all have one, right?). The supermarket chain Kaufland has issued a recall. It's about chocolate, which can cause allergic reactions.

A classic among sweets is affected: chocolate raisins. However, the manufacturer of the Kaufland own brand is now warning that these may contain ingredients that are not declared on the packaging. It cannot be ruled out that the chocolate raisins contain peanuts, writes Kaufland on the company's website. These can trigger severe health-threatening symptoms in allergy sufferers. According to the manufacturer, anyone who is sensitive to nuts, special peanuts, should no longer consume the product.

Recall of chocolate raisins

Specifically, the recall concerns the following product:

  • K-Classic chocolate raisins in milk chocolate

  • In the 200 gram pack

  • GTIN: 4337185836954

  • with the best before date 12.09.2021

  • Manufacturer: ENCINGER SK s.r.o. Jadranská 13 84101 Bratislava, Slovakia

According to Kaufland, the chocolate raisins were sold in stores nationwide. They should have already been taken at the store, but if you already have the candy at home, you can easily return it. Customers should be able to easily bring the chocolate raisins to any branch and be reimbursed the purchase price there even without presenting the receipt.

However, those who are not allergic to peanuts can relax. The chocolate raisins can be eaten without hesitation, the deficiency consists only of the undeclared ingredient. So if you can take nuts, you can take it courageously despite the recall!

source used: Kaufland