Recall: Metal Shards in Chocolate

There is a recall for chocolate. This should no longer be consumed – because it could contain metal parts.

Dear chocolate lovers, you must be strong now: there is a recall for sweets. And this time a specialty is affected that many of us have as a reward at home and even in the fridge during summer. It's about chocolates – and they could contain pieces of metal.

Recall of chocolates

The recall was announced by "EZA Fair Trade". Specifically, it is the following product:

  • "Belgian Truffle" from EZA
  • From controlled organic cultivation
  • In the 100 gram pack
  • Batch number: 09091901
  • Best before date: 09.09.2020

The data should be found in a white box on the back of the Belgian truffle packaging.

After metal parts have been found in one of the chocolates, the manufacturer cannot rule out that there are other foreign bodies in the chocolate. For this reason, EZA Fairer Handel decided to call back the entire batch as a precaution. How the metal parts got into the chocolates is unclear.

Health hazard from metal parts – no longer consume chocolate

According to the manufacturer, there is a health risk – so the chocolates should never be consumed. Small metal parts can cause injury if swallowed.

The Belgian truffles may already have been removed from the market, but if you still have them in the house, you should bring them back to the store. EZA Fair Trade apologizes for the inconvenience.

Is the packaging in the shopping cart a risk of infection?


Customers are reimbursed the purchase price even without receipt, the manufacturer assures. EZA Fairer Handel products are sold in so-called "world shops", organic shops and health food stores, but can also be found on the supermarket shelf. Anyone who has bought the chocolates can return them to the appropriate branch.