Recall: Neurotoxic poison found in vegetables in several supermarkets

Frozen vegetables from several supermarkets contaminated with neurotoxic poison

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Beware – a recall has been issued for frozen vegetables that may contain neurotoxic pesticides. The poison is particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women.

Chlorpyrifos is a toxin that is supposed to serve as a pesticide. For a long time it was one of the most frequently used pesticides in Europe – until it was banned in the EU a year ago. Because the poison may protect plants – but it is very dangerous for humans. Chlorpyrifos is considered to be brain damaging.

Recall of peppers

However, the pesticide has now been found again on food. There is a major recall for vegetables that have been sold in several supermarkets and discounters nationwide. These are frozen products, specifically roasted peppers from the company "Ardo N.V.". Among other things, the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety published the recall on the website "". The following product is affected:

  • "Grilled red & yellow peppers parilla – slices Red and yellow parilla peppers, grilled – slices"
  • Frozen in a 1000 gram pack
  • Manufacturer: Ardo N.V.
  • Best before date: 31.3.2023
  • Lot number: 710271

According to "Ruhr24", the "Ardo" brand frozen products are to be sold throughout Germany at Edeka, Rewe and Netto, among others.

The toxin it contains is brain-damaging – especially for children

The reason for the recall is that the chlorpyrifos content is too high. The toxin is considered to be hazardous to health, especially neurotoxic. It is said to lead to developmental disorders of the brain in children in the womb. According to "Tagesschau" there are now studies that prove this effect. Including that of the American Columbia University, which indicates that children of mothers who were exposed to the pesticide during pregnancy should have a lower IQ or are prone to attention disorders.

The toxin is therefore particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women, but all people should refrain from eating frozen vegetables. Instead, the product should either be returned to the store or disposed of.

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